Saturday, June 30, 2012


So, it is no secret that I'm obsessed with Moonrise Kingdom, and if you've seen it, you probably are too. Never have I seen something so charming, from the first frame to the last. The capturing of the tragic comedy that is childhood in the most magical way. I love all of Wes Anderson's movies, but something about this one was just so special to me. If you haven't seen it, you should. Now. Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop have replaced Woody Allen and Annie Hall as the ~best dressed movie couple of all time~ (in my mind) so I decided to spend too many hours searching for the most authentic Suzy wardrobe I could, because what else do I have to do?
So, here is my amateur guide to getting the look of my newest and dearest style icon: Suzy Bishop.
First thing's first, the dress:

This is the closest thing I've found to a true-blue-Bishop-style dress. You could cut off the ruffles around the collar, but I think it's kind of cute! It's velvet, size S/M and $89 USD, click to buy it here!

 This is second closest, and I think it's cuter, AND it's half the price. X-Small and $50 USD on Etsy, click to buy it here!

This short-sleeved version is almost better because it has a pocket and little flowers sewn in to the tips of the collar! It's size Medium, and only $26 USD on Etsy, click to buy it here!

I think Suzy would most definitely wear this one to church, or maybe on a cool autumn day (but seriously). It's size S/M and $48 USD on Etsy, click to buy it here!

Ok, so I love this one and I really think Suzy would have it in her closet! It comes in all sizes, and it's $144.99 USD on ModCloth, click to buy it here!

And last but not least, Suzy would totally wear this one on a warm summer day, and perhaps for an ice cream date with Sam. It's size Small, and it's $58 USD on Etsy, click to buy it here!

Second thing's second: the shoes & socks

These are actually cheerleading shoes (?) but they look just like Suzy's and they're pretty affordable, between $30-40 USD, and come in all sizes! Click to buy them on Amazon here!

The socks are pretty basic, I like these ones from Nordstrom because they have a subtle pattern in the fabric, and they come in 4 colors. They're 3 pairs for $33 USD, click to buy them here!

These one's half ruffles like Suzy's, so cute! And they're only $4.40 a pair. Click to buy them here!

And, third thing's third: The accessories

These are the closest I could find to Suzy's arguably coolest accessory. They're $24 USD a pair, click to buy them here!  (Scroll down a bit, they'll be on the first page) P.S. they also have full beetle pins that you could easily attach hooks to, and make your own like the ones Sam made. 

Get a maroon beret just like Suzy's for only $6.99, it's on sale, yay! Click to buy it here!

The sparkly aqua eyeshadow. Get this one for only $3 USD from Etsy, click to buy it here!

And last but not least vintage binoculars with leather case, $65 USD on Etsy, click to buy it here!

Goodnight <3


  1. 1) I'll definitely go to watch Moonrise kingdom with my boyfriend!
    love all of the photos!need that dresses!
    ps saddle shoes, I'll make DIY project!yey
    love your blog!

    1. You'll love it!
      And yeah, that's a good idea! I'm not so great with DIY stuff, haha :/

      thanks a lot for the comment <3

  2. Hello Courtney! Thank you for including my little pink dress in this post! Wes Anderson is, by far, my most favorite director ever. IN FACT, my husband and I just got done watching Bottle Rocket. I got on etsy to see this wonderful blog. Thanks so much for the inclusion!

    -Erin @ Coldfish Vintage

  3. Great guide to getting the look. I love the orange and the checkered dresses.

    Best, Jen