Saturday, June 30, 2012


So, it is no secret that I'm obsessed with Moonrise Kingdom, and if you've seen it, you probably are too. Never have I seen something so charming, from the first frame to the last. The capturing of the tragic comedy that is childhood in the most magical way. I love all of Wes Anderson's movies, but something about this one was just so special to me. If you haven't seen it, you should. Now. Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop have replaced Woody Allen and Annie Hall as the ~best dressed movie couple of all time~ (in my mind) so I decided to spend too many hours searching for the most authentic Suzy wardrobe I could, because what else do I have to do?
So, here is my amateur guide to getting the look of my newest and dearest style icon: Suzy Bishop.
First thing's first, the dress:

This is the closest thing I've found to a true-blue-Bishop-style dress. You could cut off the ruffles around the collar, but I think it's kind of cute! It's velvet, size S/M and $89 USD, click to buy it here!

 This is second closest, and I think it's cuter, AND it's half the price. X-Small and $50 USD on Etsy, click to buy it here!

This short-sleeved version is almost better because it has a pocket and little flowers sewn in to the tips of the collar! It's size Medium, and only $26 USD on Etsy, click to buy it here!

I think Suzy would most definitely wear this one to church, or maybe on a cool autumn day (but seriously). It's size S/M and $48 USD on Etsy, click to buy it here!

Ok, so I love this one and I really think Suzy would have it in her closet! It comes in all sizes, and it's $144.99 USD on ModCloth, click to buy it here!

And last but not least, Suzy would totally wear this one on a warm summer day, and perhaps for an ice cream date with Sam. It's size Small, and it's $58 USD on Etsy, click to buy it here!

Second thing's second: the shoes & socks

These are actually cheerleading shoes (?) but they look just like Suzy's and they're pretty affordable, between $30-40 USD, and come in all sizes! Click to buy them on Amazon here!

The socks are pretty basic, I like these ones from Nordstrom because they have a subtle pattern in the fabric, and they come in 4 colors. They're 3 pairs for $33 USD, click to buy them here!

These one's half ruffles like Suzy's, so cute! And they're only $4.40 a pair. Click to buy them here!

And, third thing's third: The accessories

These are the closest I could find to Suzy's arguably coolest accessory. They're $24 USD a pair, click to buy them here!  (Scroll down a bit, they'll be on the first page) P.S. they also have full beetle pins that you could easily attach hooks to, and make your own like the ones Sam made. 

Get a maroon beret just like Suzy's for only $6.99, it's on sale, yay! Click to buy it here!

The sparkly aqua eyeshadow. Get this one for only $3 USD from Etsy, click to buy it here!

And last but not least vintage binoculars with leather case, $65 USD on Etsy, click to buy it here!

Goodnight <3

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daydream Believer

Last night my best friend from China came over after a long day on set. In typical fashion, we resigned ourselves to sitting on the couch and surrendered to the sweet mind-numbing wormhole that is TLC programming. She was painting her nails when I noticed a lovely leather notebook in her purse. Between the last pages there were some pieces of folded-up stationery, I opened them to find a handful of diagrams and schedules she had written in Chinese. To my western eyes, the neatly handwritten characters looked ancient and whimsical. I asked her if I could take a photo for my blog, but she told me that she had never shown them to anyone, and she felt it was too personal. She explained that they were here daily schedules, but she had never actually followed any of them, they were simply her "dream schedules" most of which began waking up at 6 AM to do yoga. She offered to write me my own dream schedule, and I gladly agreed. She quizzed me about what my ideal day would look like, and wrote everything down on neon notebook paper. We ended up having to tape two pieces together because the list was so long. I've always been an over-achiever. We put the schedule on my kitchen table to take a picture of it, and she set a few candles at the top of the paper. She said a few words willing the cosmos to make my daydream schedule come true for me in the future. After she finished, we blew out the candles together, and she let her hair fall out of her ponytail. Then, we danced around to my favorite Yardbirds record until we were out of breath. At this point we realized that we had become incredibly out of shape, and would be ill-advised to make any more sudden movements. We got some cold soda from the vending machine and returned to our beloved couch. The heading of the schedule, surrounded in glittery tape, says "Daydream." At the beginning of the day, I eat some blueberry waffles in bed, and in the evening I ride my horse through a field of wildflowers and watch the sunset (obviously), I have forgotten what the rest says, and so it will remain a secret to those of you who, like me, have no idea how to read it. <3

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

13 Dreamy things I found on Etsy

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Cloud Wall Decals,  Apprx. 69"x17" and 38"x7," includes both clouds, $65 USD, Buy it here!

Moonstone Ring, 10mm Stone, Silver Band, Custom Sizing, $95 USD, Buy it here!

Nebula Printed Skirt, One Size Fits All (Waist Stretches Up To 40"), $138 USD, Buy it here!

 Cloud Earrings, White Gold Plated, Sterling Silver Posts, $18 USD, Buy them here!
"Sunshine & Clouds" iPhone Case, fits iPhone 4/4s, $30 USD, Buy it here!

"Blue Sky" Knickers, Hand Painted Silk and Bamboo, Avail. in XS, S/M, M/L, $41.51 USD, Buy them here!

Retro Galaxy Printed Dress, Custom Made to Fit, AND it's Reversible (How fab is that?), $120 USD, Buy it here!

"Above The Clouds" Print, Canvas, 3 Panels, Each is 12"x24", $169 USD, Buy it here

Cloud Ring, Sterling Silver, (or 18k Goldplated) Custom sizing, $96.08 USD, Buy it here!

Aqua Hand Painted Blouse, Silk and Bamboo, S/M or M/L, $142.10 USD, Buy it here!

Cosmic Nebula Printed Dr. Martens, Hand Painted,  Custom Size, (Also avail. in classic Dr. Martens Boots), $231.52 USD, Buy them here!

Felt Cloud Brooches, Hand Embroidered, 1.38''x2.35", $8.97 USD each, Buy one (or two :p) here!

"Up, Up and Away" Cloud Journal, Handbound, Recycled Paper, 128 pages, $20 USD, Buy it here!

Fin. <3

Monday, June 11, 2012


This summer has felt very nostalgic to me. I've been making friendship bracelets, painting my nails mismatching colors, picking flowers, putting stickers on anything and everything, and digging out my old denim overalls. When I was a kid, until the age of 10, I refused to go near anything pink or 'girly' and under absolutely no circumstances would I be caught dead wearing a dress. I was happy with my wolf t-shirt and sweatpants, perfect for pretending to be a wizard in my front yard. If it was really hot out, I would go for shorts that hit above the knee so I could show off my birthmark, which I thought was something quite special. Slowly but surely I have come to love pink, dandelions, and sparkly things, and I'm all the better for it!

(All photos shot on disposable cameras/iphone4)