Friday, November 9, 2012


*UPDATE: The video is finished and it is fabulous!

It is my absolute delight to inform you that Moonflower Pictures' very first music video is now in post-production! After months of hard work in pre-production and on set, we have made it to the final and dubious task of editing!

Because I love you, I am posting an exclusive sneak peek at some stills from the video! I must say, I am actually not extremely embarrassed by my work this time! This will be the official debut of my production design and costume design work for film, and let me tell you, it was harder than I expected, but very rewarding, and I daresay addicting! The band we have worked so hard for is an up-and-coming band called Bright Beast. The track is called "War Paint" and you can listen to it by clicking their album cover pictured below!

Now for the stills:

Director: Alexandre Martins
Cinematographer: Guilherme Maranhao
Produced by: Moonflower Pictures
Concept by: Alexandre Martins and Courtney Jines
Production design: Courtney Jines
Costume design: Courtney Jines

Special thanks go to Annie Libertini of Libertini Arts for lending us her gorgeous handmade leather masks! A link to her Etsy account can be found HERE!

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