Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Muses Of Instagram

So a few days ago I was thinking about a photo assignment for class. I wanted to address the way we are exposed to images/art in the modern day, which is largely through social media like Instagram, and in what way this shapes our own self-image. If we consume and create images of ourselves as a way of knowing ourselves better - what does it mean when these images must adhere to strict "community guidelines"?

It certainly raises questions about how women in particular are/aren't able to express themselves. See: '5 Times Instagram Censored Women's Bodies' or Petra Collins' Essay on Censirship and The Female Body.

I started playing around with stickers and one of my favorite art books 100 Nudes in the Art of All Times  published by Giunti, and I couldn't stop. After amusing myself deep into the night, I decided to start an Instagram account for these works called "Muses of Instagram" - @thecensoredmuse. I have been told it is "genius" "hilarious" and "so dumb." All of which I appreciate, and none of which matters, because I'm pretty much just tickling my own fancy, man.


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