Tuesday, June 12, 2012

13 Dreamy things I found on Etsy

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Cloud Wall Decals,  Apprx. 69"x17" and 38"x7," includes both clouds, $65 USD, Buy it here!

Moonstone Ring, 10mm Stone, Silver Band, Custom Sizing, $95 USD, Buy it here!

Nebula Printed Skirt, One Size Fits All (Waist Stretches Up To 40"), $138 USD, Buy it here!

 Cloud Earrings, White Gold Plated, Sterling Silver Posts, $18 USD, Buy them here!
"Sunshine & Clouds" iPhone Case, fits iPhone 4/4s, $30 USD, Buy it here!

"Blue Sky" Knickers, Hand Painted Silk and Bamboo, Avail. in XS, S/M, M/L, $41.51 USD, Buy them here!

Retro Galaxy Printed Dress, Custom Made to Fit, AND it's Reversible (How fab is that?), $120 USD, Buy it here!

"Above The Clouds" Print, Canvas, 3 Panels, Each is 12"x24", $169 USD, Buy it here

Cloud Ring, Sterling Silver, (or 18k Goldplated) Custom sizing, $96.08 USD, Buy it here!

Aqua Hand Painted Blouse, Silk and Bamboo, S/M or M/L, $142.10 USD, Buy it here!

Cosmic Nebula Printed Dr. Martens, Hand Painted,  Custom Size, (Also avail. in classic Dr. Martens Boots), $231.52 USD, Buy them here!

Felt Cloud Brooches, Hand Embroidered, 1.38''x2.35", $8.97 USD each, Buy one (or two :p) here!

"Up, Up and Away" Cloud Journal, Handbound, Recycled Paper, 128 pages, $20 USD, Buy it here!

Fin. <3


  1. oooh I love Etsy!! lovely ring, wall decal and paintings and also the galactic skirt!


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    1. Oops! I'm soooo sorry, I accidentally deleted your comment instead of replying :(

  3. I Love ETSY!!!! This post is adorable :)

  4. I've discovered recently your Etsy and I'm wondered in special with the vintage things!!!

    So, you have a carioca boyfriend!!! Do you know already some words in portuguese?!

    Cri. (ilpiccolomondodicri.com)

  5. I'm loving your blog Kitty!!!!!!